Tiger Woods’ Memorial win gives CBS a massive ratings spike

Jonathan Wall

So you want to know what a Tiger Woods win is worth to a major television network, huh? As you can probably imagine, it's worth a lot. A whole, whole lot.

A prime example would be last year's Memorial, which posted an overnight household rating/share of 1.6/4 with Steve Stricker as the champion.

It's not a bad rating for a tournament ... until you compare it to the overnight household rating from Woods' dramatic win, which posted a 3.8/9. If you have trouble with TV math, that's a 138 percent improvement in one year. Let's say that again: We're talking about a 138 percent jump. That's pretty darn impressive.

Hard as it is to believe, the rating actually peaked at 5.7/12 during the early portion of Sunday's final round; you would have expected the dramatic finish at the end would have pulled in a few more eyeballs. But, honestly, who really cares at this point.

CBS is probably still doing cartwheels over the finish. You can bet NBC will be hoping for a similar outcome in a couple weeks at the U.S. Open.