Tiger Woods, John Daly team up to help Greenbrier owner shed the pounds

Tiger Woods and John Daly play the same sport but orbit such different spheres that they may as well be complete aliens to one another. Outside of the occasional ceremonial photo (say, for the British Open) you never see them in one another's company. Woods has nothing to say about Daly, and Daly's comments about Woods tend to veer to the off-the-course concerns.

So it's always a bit surprising to see these men in the same sentence, but here it is: Tiger Woods and John Daly have joined forces to help Greenbrier owner Jim Justice lose some weight. It's good timing, too, as the Greenbrier Classic has re-upped with the PGA Tour through 2021.

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Justice presides over the just-concluded Classic, where both Daly and Woods were in the field. (Daly made the cut while Woods didn't. Who'da thunk it?) Justice stands 6-foot-7 and carries quite a few extra pounds, and that's a matter of concern to the players.

"I told him I'd give him $100 for every pound he loses, to any charity he wants," said Daly, who has a bit of experience battling the bulge himself. "Tiger said he'd do it, too. We care about him. If we could get him to lose some weight and add about 30-40 years to his life, he'll be happy. It's time somebody did something for him after him always doing something for everybody else."

For as reviled and mocked as he is across the sports world, Daly has a notable charitable streak, and it comes out in moments like this. "[Jim]'s just got the biggest heart of any man I've ever known," Daly said. "I just want him to know that we all care about him. Every year I talk to him, his back is hurting him, and his knees are hurting him. I can get to my doctor and help him lose a ton of weight. He'll feel better. We just want to help him. We want to add years to his life."

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