Tiger Woods will be honorary captain at Fiesta Bowl

If you ever needed to close the door on the question, "When will Tiger Woods be back to normal in the public eye," look no further than his alma mater's recent announcement.

Stanford, which is playing Oklahoma State on Jan. 2 in the Fiesta Bowl, has asked Tiger to be an honorary captain for the team, and Woods accepted the honor.

Via his blog ...

Before I begin the new season, I will attend the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 2 in Arizona to watch Stanford play Oklahoma State. Cardinal head coach David Shaw asked me to be an honorary team captain, and I happily accepted. For Coach Shaw to think highly enough of me to be involved in the game and be able to talk to his kids is very special.

I'm very close to Stanford. They've done so much for me in my life. Everyone knows Coach Shaw and I had a class together. We go way back. It's neat to be able to come back and help him any way that I can.

Tiger has been a fixture over the years at Stanford games (the picture to your right was at this year's game against Colorado), so it shouldn't surprise you that the team asked one of the figureheads of Stanford athletics over the years to attend the game, but it really does show that the negative air surrounding Tiger might finally be gone for good.

This season has been a pretty remarkable one for Tiger. Not only did he start to land sponsors again, but he was able to pick up a victory, and now is going to be on the sidelines rooting on his team per its request. Things are looking up for Woods heading into 2012.