Tiger Woods hits the perfect approach shot on No. 15 only to have it hit the flagstick, find the water

The funny thing about golf is that sometimes the best golf shot can get the absolute worst break and completely ruin your round. On Friday at Augusta National, Tiger Woods was rolling in his second round, tied for the lead with a par-5 to play and looked like he would once again have a lead at the Masters.

Woods' tee shot on the par-5 15th found the pine straw, and a lay-up was in order. Tiger's third shot looked absolutely yummy when it came off the club, but as golf goes, it hit the flag and instead of having a kick-in for birdie, Woods was forced to drop another ball as his found the lake in front of the green.

Bounces like this happen, especially when you hit the flag, but it says a lot about how Woods is hitting the golf ball right now that his dropped shot on Friday came because he hit a golf shot too good.