This is what happens when a lady screams in Tiger Woods’ backswing

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Tiger Woods may have 14 major championships and 71 PGA Tour wins, but for a split second on Saturday he turned into a weekend hacker on the 15th hole at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

We've see some questionable shots from Tiger over the last couple of years, but this is as bad as it gets. Just take a look at the shot. If there's a term for something worse than a pull-hook, this would be the shot you'd use to define it.

Woods not only flew the ball into someone's backyard, he tore up a huge piece of Bay Hill real estate in the process. Woods went on to double-bogey the hole. But as bad as things looked for him on this particular hole, he still managed to grab a one-shot lead going into the final round, where he'll be going for his first win in more than two years.

Update: A woman screamed during Woods' backswing, after her teenage son fainted. So, yeah, that probably played a role in the errant shot.

Woods commented on the incident after the round, saying: "Yeah, we're finding out what happened, there was an 18‑year‑old kid that passed out right at the concession stand, hit, and she yelled, and it happened to be right in midway on my downswing, and I tried to stop it but I passed the point of no return. I stopped it and flipped it out‑of‑bounds."

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