Tiger Woods’ goal for the Players? To win, of course

You can't really fault Tiger Woods' confidence. While he hasn't won since 2009, the man still speaks a good game, and that didn't stop on Tuesday at TPC Sawgrass, and he chatted with the media for the first time since his disappointing back nine at the Masters.

Tiger was his usual self with the media, and when the word came up about his goals this week at the Players Championship, Woods gave a very typical Woods answer; he plans to win, of course!

"Well, same as always, try and win the event. Nothing has changed."

It really speaks for two sides of who Tiger is with that simple answer. First, even if he doesn't believe he can win, he's going to let us know he can. It's the opposite approach of someone like, say, Bubba Watson, who approaches things "aww, shucks"-like when asked about his chances at Sawgrass.

Tiger has always carried this bravado about his golf game, even if that game isn't nearly good enough to win right now, and let's be honest, it isn't. Woods played his first round of golf since the Masters on Tuesday, and that was just nine holes, and he's coming off an injured knee and Achilles. Also, he's playing a golf course that he has won at exactly once, and that was back in 2001 when Tiger was playing so well he probably would have won a golf event bouncing around for 72 holes on one leg.

Even though Vegas has Tiger the favorite to win (which is insane, by the way), anybody that knows anything about golf would probably pick him to miss the cut over actually winning on Sunday at Sawgrass.

But that's Tiger. Maybe he doesn't even believe himself anymore when he says things like this, but at least he sticks to his guns, and answers the same as he always has. Hey, something has to stay the same with this guy.

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