Tiger Woods gives his thoughts on tax in California

Phil Mickelson raised quite a few eyebrows last week at the Humana Challenge when he brought up the enormous taxes he is being forced to pay in the state of California now that the New Year has rolled around.

Mickelson told reporters after his final round at PGA West, "There are going to be some drastic changes for me because I happen to be in that zone that has been targeted both federally and by the state and, you know, it doesn't work for me right now. So I'm going to have to make some changes."

The four-time major winner has since backed off his heated statement about taxes, but that didn't stop reporters from asking another man that has made a couple of dollars from this game of golf about the state of California and what Mickelson was talking about on Tuesday at Torrey Pines.

Tiger Woods took to the podium for his first PGA Tour press conference of the season and was asked about what exactly Phil was talking about.

"I moved out of (California) in 1996 for that reason. I enjoy Florida but it was also, I understand what (Mickelson) was I think trying to say. I think he'll probably explain it better in a little bit more detail."

Basically what Tiger said was that he knew that the state of California can be tough on the rich and he figured a state that had no state income tax would be a pretty solid place to call home, and he did it before he started making the hundreds of millions that Woods currently possesses.