Tiger Woods' days at No. 1 are at an end; who's next?

For those that worry about such things, we're in the final days of Tiger Woods' reign as No. 1 in the world. The Official World Golf Rankings have finally caught up to reality, and come this weekend, Woods will be dethroned as the world No. 1.

So who will take over? Lee Westwood, according to the numbers, but if Martin Kaymer can manage a win at the Andalucia Masters this week, he'll be No. 1. Can you hear the cheers? Yeah, me neither.

We've discussed this topic before, and we've come to the same consensus as Jack Nicklaus: The world No. 1 ranking means little in and of itself, and because of the supreme lag time, it doesn't take into account more recent swings in a golfer's play.

Tiger fans will say this is all irrelevant, that Woods is still the best player in golf. (Right now, he's not.) Could he get back to the top? Absolutely. But he's not going to be there for five-year stretches any more, you can bet on that.

Once the switchover happens, fans of Kaymer and Westwood will take justifiable pride in their guy's accomplishments. But really, it's yet another ranking system that generates more headlines than actual news.

Still, what this also means is that for the foreseeable future, Phil Mickelson's window to take over the No. 1 spot has slammed shut. Kaymer's amazing play this year -- four wins, including a major -- far outdistances anything Phil accomplished, and Westwood's steady game, when he's healthy, is likewise the equal of anything Phil can do right now.

So, just for the heck of it, have your say. Who, in your opinion, is the No. 1 golfer in the world right this very minute? And 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... go!

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