Tiger Woods continues his terrible week at Firestone

"Can this just be over already?!"

No, that isn't a direct quote from Tiger Woods, who is having one of the worst weeks during the worst seasons of his career, but it might as well be. Tiger, who shot a 5-over 75 on Saturday to fall to 11-over, and two spots from dead last at the Bridgestone Invitational, picked a rather awkward week to be playing like he is.

Normally, two bad rounds like his 74-72 on Thursday and Friday would allow him to toss the clubs in the trunk, slam that bad boy down hard, and leave the golf course for a surprisingly free weekend from golf, but not at Firestone. This is an event with no cut, and Woods has had to sit out on the golf course without a golf swing or putting stroke and take his lumps. How bad has it been? This is the worst score he's ever shot through 54 holes in his career.

Nothing's been easy for Woods this year, and the Bridgestone Invitational has piled all that together. This is a golf course that Tiger has won on seven times, and never finished out of the top-five at, but a lot of things are different in 2010.

[Photos: Tiger Woods tanking]

Why is he playing so poorly? Pick a part of his game, and run with it. He can't hit fairways (35.7 percent hit this week) or greens (46.3 percent at Firestone), and he isn't really getting the ball in the hole at the rate we're used to seeing (he's needed a hair more than 28 putts per round so far through 54 holes).

It is easy to pile on Tiger this season because of all the things that aren't going his way, but it should be noted that he is still grinding, and if there is one thing Woods isn't, it's a quitter.

He will be out on Sunday trying to hit greens and hole putts and hope to find something to build on before next week's PGA Championship, but one thing is for sure. Anybody putting money on Tiger to win at Whistling Straits either needs better investing advice, or really, really hates cash.

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