Tiger Woods collides with cameraman after ugly U.S. Open round

After a flat-out horrendous round at the U.S. Open on Saturday, Tiger Woods was walking off the 18th green when this happened:

Now, this is a moving Rorschach-blot test, an opportunity for you to see what you want to see. Was this an example of:

1. Tiger leaning into a cameraman, then making a big deal of a minor injury that wouldn't have happened if he'd been paying attention to anything around him.

2. The overzealous media not respecting Tiger's space and causing him injury that could affect his play tomorrow.

Your call!

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Yahoo! Sports' Brian Murphy was directly across the walkway from the collision, and gives us this on-the-scene report: "I guess he had no clue Tiger was coming up, and he decides to start picking up his equipment — what appeared to be a TV camera — and back into the path without even looking. Tiger was storming up the hill and — bam! Collision. Tiger's right hand jammed fairly hard against the guy's camera, and the guy appeared clueless as to what happened. Tiger yelped, dropped a profanity, shook his hand vigorously and kept steaming up the staircase. As he went up the staircase, he shook his hand two or three more times." Murphy further notes that "For once, Tiger wasn't the bad guy in an incident with the gallery. He had a right to be pissed."

After the collision, Tiger did a brief post-round interview with NBC's Roger Maltbie, politely answering a question about the speed of the greens. When Maltbie asked him about the hand, Woods gave Maltbie a gaze icier than the waters of the San Francisco Bay and said simply, "It's fine."

Woods was seen practicing on the putting green not long after the incident, so it can't have been too catastrophic. Still, the way that Woods and the accompanying security reacted, you'd think someone had pulled a knife. Good to see that didn't happen, of course.

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