Tiger Woods’ caddie on Adam Scott’s bag for U.S. Open

Tiger Woods and caddie Steve Williams have enjoyed countless high points in their 13 years together. But for at least one week, Williams will be handing a club and calling out yardages to somebody other than Woods.

As Golf Digest's Ron Sirak reported, Williams will be looping for Aussie Adam Scott this week at Congressional. Williams, who had already flown over from his home in New Zealand to help Woods prepare for Congressional, decided to hang around and ended up picking up Scott's bag for the tournament.

The sort of thing wouldn't even register if it was any other caddie on tour -- sans Jim MacKay -- but the fact that it's Woods' caddie raises all sorts of questions about their relationship in the near future. There was already chatter months back that the two were parting ways, and with Scott and former caddie Tony Navarro no longer together, the Aussie is in the market for a new loop.

Now you can read into this situation in a number of different ways. The obvious is that Woods and Williams have split, but that's still a giant rumor until Woods or Williams confirms. You also have to wonder if Woods' injury is so severe that he's considering the idea of shutting it down for the season, thereby giving Williams the chance to make some extra money in the meantime.

Who knows if either is true or not, but for the moment his decision to take Scott's bag has certainly brought into question the future of Woods and Williams' player-caddie relationship.

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