Tiger! Vijay! Furyk! Playing the field at the AT&T National

Each week, we break down the coming week's tournament, giving you the big dogs, the sleepers, and the storylines to watch. This week, it's the AT&T National, and there are some rather well-known names in the hunt. To begin:

Tiger Woods. Take a look at the two logos there at right. The one on the left is from last year. The one on the right is from this year. Notice anything different? Yes, they're in different locations, but that's not what I'm talking about. Yes, the font is in different colors, and the AT&T logo is different, but that's not what I'm talking about either. Yes, there's a random flung iron on the left one, but that too is not what I'm talking about. Boy, this is a stumper, huh? Anyway, Tiger Woods — hey, there's a segue — is back, and we'll get the chance to see just what shape his game is in. Is he about to break back through for a win, or is he on the downslope? (I lean toward the former.)

Vijay Singh. We've tried to bury Vijay before, and like a Fijian zombie, he's risen from the dead. He's starting to round his game back into — well, not into form, but at least it's not the embarrassing atrocity it was back in the earlier part of 2010. Perhaps nearly missing the U.S. Open threw a little scare into the big guy.

Jim Furyk. He's got a nice little run of top 10s at the AT&T, so while he had an eminently forgettable Masters and an unspectacular U.S. Open, you can't write him off. He was also born just a few miles from the course, which is a pleasantly prepackaged story. Could Furyk rack up his third win of the year? He could indeed.

Sean O'Hair. He's a local boy — he'll stay at his own house for this tournament — but he hasn't been playing particularly well this year, or at least not up to his potential. He's only got one top 10 all year, and that one came in the season's very first event. Still, he'll have friends on hand — though probably not his dad — and that could make for a fun weekend for O'Hair.

Robert Garrigus, Dustin Johnson, Justin Rose. What do these three guys have in common? Three weekends, three collapses. If the golf gods are kind, one of these cats will get a win this weekend — and hopefully not because the other two fall apart down the stretch.

All right, you're up. Who are your picks for this weekend? Go!

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