That Tiger-towing sign plane had some more messages

Hey, remember our pal the wacky Tiger Woods sign-toting pilot from the first day of the Masters? Sure you do. He's the one who got grounded because of an FAA violation — later found to be, no joke, an improper seatbelt — but it seems that his work at Augusta was not yet done.

At right are the other two signs our feisty airman was planning to display over the grounds at Augusta National. He apparently flew these this week after the tournament was over. (Visor tip: Wei Under Par.) As you can see, the top sign indicts Tiger's caddy Stevie Williams, which surely would have caused a bit of tension as the two talked shot selection. The bottom is a lame reference to Sandra Bullock's cheatin' beau Jesse James.

And just think — this is what happened at Augusta. What's going to happen the next time Tiger tees it up outside its secure confines?