Is Tiger’s incident part of sport’s hot dog hall of fame?

On Sunday, a fan tossed a hot dog at the most popular golfer in the world, and although it didn't hit him, it was the biggest story to come out of the Open, and made us start to think, what are the biggest moments in sport's history that involved those savory sausages? Here is our top-8 moments, and you're more than welcome to add your own experiences below.

8.) Ezra Johnson's sideline dog during the 1980 NFL preseason -- You thought Mark Sanchez had it bad? Ezra got ridiculed for knocking out a dog during the Packers' preseason beatdown by the Broncos. The fine? One thousand bucks, and a forced apology to his Packer teammates.

7.) Fan sues Kansas City Royals for getting a hot dog to the eye -- Bad news for John Coomer, who was attending a Royals game when their mascot Sluggerrr threw a hot dog and hit him in the eye. Coomer claimed it detached a retina and caused cataracts. He sued the Royals, but the jury ruled in favor of the Royals, giving them their first win at anything since 1985.

6.) Rod Strickland's strange pregame snack of hot dogs and then ralphing -- When Strickland was with the Bullets, he'd often throw back hot dogs before games, and then throw them up courtside. The infamous quote from Strickland about his hot dog fetish? When told he couldn't eat like that, Strickland said, "Won't be the first, won't be the last ... can you slide me that mustard?"

5.) Mark Sanchez tosses back a hot dog during Jets rout of Raiders -- It happened just a season ago, when everyone's favorite GQ model wolfed down a dog during a beatdown of the Raiders, something he later apologized for.

4.) Barry Switzer took time away from coaching the Pro Bowl for a date with a dog -- In 1995, after winning a Super Bowl with the Cowboys, Switzer got to coach the Pro Bowl, but he spent some of the time on the bench, munching down a hot dog of his own. I think the silhouette of Switzer eating a hot dog should be the theme of this football game.

3.) Olaf Kolzig 1995-96 Washington Capitals hockey card -- Yep, that's Olaf above, sporting one of the most memorable hockey cards in the history of the pucked sport. Hey, nice job on the mustard and no ketchup, Olaf! (photo courtesy of Puck Junk)

2.) Tiger Woods gets assaulted by a hot dog-crazed fan -- Yes, it just happened, but how is this not near the top of the list? The No. 1 figure in sports was attacked by a hot dog in a golf tournament, and lived to tell about it. The best part? It wasn't the first time someone has thrown food Tiger's way. Back in 2001, a fan tossed an orange at Tiger at the rowdy Phoenix Open, a tournament he has skipped ever since.

1.) Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest -- Is it a sport? Who knows. Is it televised on ESPN? Yep. Does it take a certain physicality to be able to pull it off? Absolutely. Every Fourth of July, a bunch of strong-bellied individuals take over Coney Island, stuffing these meats down their throats, and although it isn't exactly hitting a 140 mph serve, all the sports sites and channels pay attention.

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