Tiger betters his round by 10 shots, heads home for kids

Two strange things happened in the life of Tiger Woods this week in Ireland. The first was his score; a 7-over 79 during the opening round of the two-day JP McManus Invitational Pro-Am. The second was the press conference that followed his Tuesday 69, with questions coming from all angles about his extramarital affairs.

As most in the media world know, some of the news outlets across the pond don't care about their personal relationship with Tiger, and any press conference he has over the next couple of weeks will probably be the most awkward and personal yet.

That was the case on Tuesday, when any and all ways to ask about his personal problems were posed at Tiger. The atmosphere is being described as awkward, with Woods coming off as "curt" (to be fair to Tiger, I don't think you or I would be excited and joyful when pumped full of sex-scandal questions). One thing that did come out of the press conference is Tiger's plans to fly back to Florida before next week's British Open, a move that has raised a number of eyebrows.

How did the exchange transpire?

How will you prepare? "Practicing."

Where? "Home."

Why not try and play some links golf in Scotland beforehand? "I need to get home." Silence.

Why? "See my kids." Silence.

That was basically the demeanor of the always enclosed Woods, who is never going to answer any questions about his personal life.

While I understand that it is the media's job to hound him at all costs, it seems time to let all this go about his affairs. He didn't answer any of these questions months ago when it was first reported, he hasn't answered any to the PGA Tour media at any of these events, and he isn't going to change this week as the tabloids feast on Tiger at St. Andrews.

Maybe the trip home to Florida before the British Open is for one reason and one reason only; silence. Not many parents can say that when going home to take care of a couple of single-digit kiddos.

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