Tiffany Joh’s video: A lady on the street, a freak with a wedge

Devil Ball Golf

You've got a lot of free time on your hands when you're a pro golfer, and that leads to, well, things like this: "Grip It," the latest video by the LPGA's Tiffany Joh. This one features fellow LPGA'ers Beth Bader, Alison Walshe and Jeehae Lee shaking their moneymakers last weekend in Arkansas.

Hey, look, far be it for me to mock this, since there's pretty much nothing in this video that I can do in anything approaching a competent level. So I'll leave it to you fine folks to offer up your insight. Gotta love what the world can do with a video camera and a little editing software though, right?

[Visor tip: Wei Under Par]

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