Three aces on the same hole, the same day

I know some of these hole-in-one stories can get old, but when the same hole gets aced three times in a single day, we must take notice.

That's what happened in Australia at Melbourne's Eastwood Golf Club, when three people knocked it in on the 150-yard, par-3 14th.

This is all according to Inside Golf, which has the scoop.

Dragan Milosevic was the first to achieve the feat, playing in the morning group. [...]

But two afternoon players, Lance Robinson and Lindsay Howard, each scored aces of their own on the hole, achieving every golfer's dream and giving the club an unprecedented three aces in one day.

Honestly, who hasn't made an ace these days? It seems that weekly we get a story like this, and it involves some crazy scenario where 11 people all aced the same hole in the same group. All I want is one ... I just want one. I'm not being greedy. I don't care what golf course it's at. I just want a single stinky ace before I depart this Earth, and if that can happen, I'll allow one for Mr. Busbee as well.

For now, we can only dream, and congratulate the three amigos that all took down the 14th at Eastwood. Now, if you guys don't mind, I think you owe us all a drink.

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