Thomas Aiken shows just how creative you must be to play the British Open

British Open golf courses force even the best players in the world to come up with some creative ways to play golf shots. The bunkers are deep and nasty, and you'll see players contort their bodies in all sorts of ways to get the best possible result when they find themselves in trouble.

Thomas Aiken understands what I'm saying. On Friday at Muirfield, Aiken found his ball just outside the bunker on the par-4 18th, but without a stance he had to come up with some way to play it.

His final decision? Stand in the bunker, which was a good three feet below his ball, and putt the golf ball while choking up on the putter.

He pulled the shot off, but couldn't convert the next par putt, posting a second round 80 that will most likely force him to miss the cut at the Open.

Still, a cool shot to see and a good example of just how different links golf can be.

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