This golf cart crash test video will make you a little more careful on the course

We've all had our horrible golf cart incidents. I remember when I was a kid in East Texas getting our golf cart a little too close to a pond one afternoon and getting it stuck in the mud, with the head pro telling me I get one free tow with the next one costing me (I never got it stuck again, so good job with the intimidation factor, old pro!).

But golf carts can be dangerous vehicles. You can seriously hurt yourself or someone else if you aren't careful, and the people at AutoMotoTV are here to show you just what I mean.

The above video is a golf cart crash test video, and if you take nothing else away from this video, understand that being hit by something head-on, or something to the side, will not end well for you.

Check out the video, and then give us your worst golf cart experience story in the comments.

h/t Jalopnik