Teeing Off: Who would go first in a PGA Tour draft?

Welcome to Teeing Off, where Devil Ball editor Jay Busbee and head writer Shane Bacon take a day's topic and smack it all over the course. Suggest a future topic by writing jay.busbee@yahoo.com, or hit us on Twitter at @jaybusbee and @shanebacon. Today, we pose a hypothetical NFL-style draft. Who's your best foursome? Go!

Bacon: With the first pick of the 2011 PGA Tour Non-Lockout Draft, Team Bacon will select Matt Kuchar. Yes, it may seem strange to draft someone like Kuchar, but he has some appealing features; it seems he always finishes in the top-10, is still relatively young, and is due to continue to win the more he puts himself in contention. Also, doesn't he have that sheepish first pick smile as he tries on the Bacon hat?

Busbee: Mmmm...Bacon Hat. A good pick, that Kuchar, but with my first pick I'll take Luke Donald. Yes, he's got some trouble closing events, but then so does almost everybody these days. Of the Euros at the top of the heap right now, he strikes me as the one with the steadiest long-term growth potential and the fewest holes in his game. Now, head on over there and get interviewed by Stuart Scott, Luke.

Bacon: My team will be visor free, so you can have all the Donald you want (Look, or potential GOP candidate). For my second pick, I will happily grab Rory McIlroy. He's 21, he has been in contention for two majors, and it appears he has the talent to win if he can just handle those last 18 holes.

Busbee: I'm going long off the tee with pick #2 and taking Dustin Johnson. We're still in the potential-not-performance phase, but like McIlroy, DJ has huge upside, and like McIlroy, DJ is familiar with the blast furnace that is a final-round majors lead. Your move, sir.


Bacon: Just a side note - insane is it that nobody has touched Tiger or Phil? Could you have ever thought we'd be four players in and not had one of those two guys on our team just two years ago? Nope and nope, but make it five picks, because I'm going with Nick Watney. I love his game, I love the way he's played this season, and I think he will be an American that will be around for years to come. Plus, maybe he could hook up the team with free Lexus'. That'd be sweet.

Busbee: Okay, enough with the potential. I'm picking one of the big dogs, and I'm taking Mickelson. Not sure how many top-flight years he has left, but since our little fake league is going to collapse in an ugly labor dispute in 2013, I'm not worried. When he's on, Mickelson can still match up with the best in the game, and as long as his short game doesn't desert him, he'll be good to go for a few more majors at least. Now, somebody go calm down Mr. Woods in the green room.

Bacon: I like it, and I figured Phil would be snagged before Tiger, but I'm not going with Woods, I'm taking Martin Kaymer. Sure, he won't be winning at Augusta anytime soon, but he seems to be the youngest, most talented golfer out there right now, and I think he suits my team just right. Two Europeans, two Americans, and no Tiger. Seems like Woods' Friday nights now post-Escaladegate.

Busbee: Zing! So now I've got a choice: pick Tiger, or pick ANYONE ELSE ON EARTH. And since this totally made-up draft is based not on marketing potential but on current skill, I'm picking Graeme McDowell. He's had a rocky start to the year, but he's still the best of the bunch. That leaves Tiger, Lee Westwood and quite a few other big names on the board. Who's up for a trade?

All right, your turn. Which team do you like better? Who's your ultimate foursome? You're on the clock.

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