Sun Mountain owner speaks about Ryder Cup rain suits

I'm sure Sun Mountain employees everywhere will hate this analogy, but for their rain suits, torrential downpours on Day 1 of the Ryder Cup and complaining from nearly everyone, it was the perfect storm of bad press.

The company that provided rain gear for the American Ryder Cup team in Wales this October was the dog of the opening ceremonies, becoming one of the biggest stories of the first two days of the Ryder Cup because it seemed they failed to repel water. Players complained, captain's complained, and stories were tossed around everywhere badmouthing the company that was picked to keep America dry.

But founder and owner Rick Reimers finally spoke on the phone about the wet, worriment of Wales, stating that he thinks it wasn't really the rain suits' fault to begin with.

Reimers admitted that he was as confused (and depressed) as anyone, and even stuck an employee in a shower for two hours with the team's rain suit on (Ed. Note: That dude needs a raise) and didn't see the suit leaking at all.

Final verdict from Sun Mountain?

"We think nobody got wet with rain coming through the garment," Reimers said. "Did the outside material hold more moisture than you’d like? Probably. When something gets soaked, it feels cold on the skin. People might interpret that as being wet."

OK, while it seems a bit off, that isn't a crazy idea. If you've ever been in a downpour with rain gear on, you still feel wet even if your skin isn't wet, because you are cold and you are miserable, and face it, every other part of your body that isn't covered in rain gear is soaked.

Also, Sun Mountain is still in the hunt for next year's Presidents Cup rain gear, which will luckily not be played in a country known for their October downpours (next year will be in sunny Australia).

So, go out, buy Sun Mountain rain gear, and if you don't believe in the product, you can always stand in a shower for two hours to test it out.

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