Stewart Cink gets victimized by Twitter hacker

Sometime around 1 a.m., a tweet appeared on Stewart Cink's Twitter feed that, to say the least, raised a few eyebrows:

UK took it to WVu today, huggy bear is a drunk!! You see elin's mansion for 10 million? Wow, expensive tale tiger got!

Huh. Interesting. And completely out of character for Cink, widely known as a classy, gracious fellow on Twitter. Was this a case of some late-night texting? Could be. (The initial sentence is a reference to the NCAA tournament, and the "huggy bear" reference is apparently in connection with West Virginia basketball coach Bob Huggins.)

While this was reported as straight news early on, Cink got asked about it afterward, and as Wei Under Par noted, offered a heartfelt and apparently sincere defense of the idea that he got hacked. It's not a new phenomenon; plenty of famous folks get their Twitter accounts hacked and offer up embarrassing/pornographic/boneheaded messages like this one.

Still, Cink has 1.2 million followers, and while most were unconscious at that time of night, at least a few were up, and retweeted the post before Cink could take it down. That's a little problematic. So, the lesson here: keep your passwords safe, lest someone broadcast under your own name thoughts you'd rather not be public.

We don't have any suspects yet, but I'd look at Tom Watson. After Turnberry '09, I'd bet Tom's just itching for a chance to get back at Cink.

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