Stewart Cink finds a variety of cool uses for the Claret Jug

The Claret Jug. Symbol of the Open Championship. An iconic trophy unmatched in all of sport. And now, a truly kick-ass barbecue-sauce dispenser!

It's British Open time again, which means that 2009 champ Stewart Cink will have to give up the Claret Jug. (Each winner gets the real deal for a year and a replica to keep for a lifetime.) Nobody knows who will win this year, but whoever it is, they'd better give the jug a pretty good hand-washing. Cink has gotten that thing nasty.

Right after winning, Cink took the jug out to a bar near his Atlanta home and gave fans the chance to drink Guinness out of it:

"There were a lot of people that wanted to take a sip out of it and get a picture made, and we accommodated I think everyone that was there," Cink said at the time. "We stayed around for a few hours doing nothing but that."

For several months afterward, the jug sat on the family's kitchen island, surrounded (presumably) by stacks of mail and kids' homework. And now comes word that Cink has used the jug for far more nefarious — no, wait, that's not the right word: delicious purposes. In an interview with's Jason Sobel, Cink reveals what the jug has been used for lately:

"One of my buddies is a huge barbecue guy. I mean, he's like an authentic smoker of meats. He's a master ... He wanted to use it to baste a pork shoulder on the Fourth of July. And so during our picnic, he filled up the jug with homemade baste that he uses and we poured it over the smoked pork butt."

(Side note: it's nice to see finally use the term "butt-baste" in a story that doesn't involve Brett Favre.)

Sobel further notes that Cink gave the jug a total workover — "everyone had the chance to do what they wanted to do with it and I approved." Why, between this and Phil Mickelson wearing the Masters' green jacket to Krispy Kreme, it's almost ... it's almost as if our major winners are human!

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