Steve Williams says he and Tiger Woods made up at the British Open

When Tiger Woods was at his prime, his absolute prime when any major he entered seemed liked an inevitable victory, there was one man who always stood beside him.

Steve Williams was on the bag for Tiger during 13 of his 14 major championship wins, huffing the bag when Woods played the game at a level the likes we've never seen before, but the two had an ugly split back in 2011 as Tiger was battling plenty of off the course problems and Williams had taken up the bag of pal Adam Scott while Woods was sidelined with injury.

The two parted ways in a similar fashion that you see husband and wife do when neither wants the other to be happy, but Williams told Fox Sports' Robert Lusetich this week all that is in the past and the No. 1 player in the world and No. 1 caddie in the world are all good on the eve of another pairing this week at the Deutsche Bank Championship.

“I definitely got the sense at Merion that I was making Tiger uncomfortable and I thought about it after and decided the next time he and Adam were paired together, I’d say something to him,” Williams said, and after Scott and Woods were paired together at the British Open a month later, it was Williams who took it upon himself to approach Tiger and make small talk.

“I asked him if he’d been watching any of the Speedway (World Cup)?” he said, of the track motorcycle event. “When I used to caddie for him I’d watch it at (their rented home) and after a while he started watching with me and getting into it.”

“He asked me how the family was and I did the same. We just talked, you know,” Williams said. “At some point in time, I just felt we had to break the ice."

The two seem fine now, dashing any anticipation for that awkward handshake so many fans expect when Scott and Woods are in the same group, and along the same lines, Williams said he and Phil Mickelson, a man he once called "a prick," are all good as well.

I thought the exchange on the 18th green at Muirfield between Williams and Woods was a pretty big moment for both guy's characters. We've seem some bad blood between the two since the split, especially those comments Williams made about Woods that some considered racist back in 2011, but the two have taken the high road and I think we can all take that in with a big, heavy sigh of relief.

Woods, Mickelson and Scott are set to tee off on Friday at 8:40 AM ET for the first round of the Deutsche Bank Championship, all battling for not only the FedEx Cup title, but Player of the Year honors.

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