Steve Stricker’s 42-tourney cut streak remains intact

U.S. Open chances: Can Steve Stricker keep the momentum going?
U.S. Open chances: Can Steve Stricker keep the momentum going?

Here's one that we're sure has been keeping you up nights: is Steve Stricker's current cut streak still alive or not?

Stricker, as you may or may not know, owned the Tour's longest active cut streak until last month at the BMW Championship. He had to withdraw after the second round because of a neck injury, and since he didn't get any official coin, the streak was over, right?

Not so fast! The BMW was a no-cut event, and thus, if no cut exists, there's no cut to miss, is there? The official ruling is that for tournaments with cuts, a player has to be within the top 70 (plus ties) for the first two rounds; after that, he can jet off to Peru and still count as having made the cut. For no-cut events, all the player has to do is finish the first round. Stricker did that, and so his streak remains alive.

The streak now stands at 42 consecutive events, which is impressive in its own right but even more so when you think about the cash he's pocketed as a result of those 42 made cuts. However, he's not even a third of the way to the record: 142 straight events, held by none other than Tiger Woods, over the course of seven years.

Congrats, as always, to Stricker for remaining one of golf's steadiest performers. This is more testament of that.

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