Stephen Colbert talks innovation in golf with segment on Hack Golf

Comedy Central/Screengrab

Stephen Colbert

Comedy Central/Screengrab

You know how you've made a wave with the non golf-fans of the world? Make it on the "The Colbert Report." 

Stephen Colbert's hilarious program doesn't normally attack any sport, especially golf, but on his Wednesday show Colbert spent some of his "Sport Report" segment talking about Hack Golf, the innovative attempt to make golf fun and appealing to a different generation. 

I've already written my thoughts on Hack Golf, supporting the idea that brings more people to the game, so I was happy to see Colbert give his take on it, even if the idea of changing golf to basketball might not be exactly what the Hack Golf folks are trying to do.

This really is a big step for the Hack Golf community, making it on a show that millions of young people watch on a daily basis, allowing them to hear about an idea that gives golf a different platform for those thinking of taking it up.

And, as Colbert says, "free beer" is always a good way to lure people your way, even if it's for a sport that is struggling to find new fans to take it up. 

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