Step aside, slowpokes: Vegas course creates Express Lane golf

Now here's an idea whose time has come: golf for fast players only.

We all know that slow play is one of the banes of the game, whether we're watching J.B. Holmes or Ben Crane plumb-bob a putt for the 50th time on TV or standing in the fairway waiting for Johnny Never-Was to go ahead and putt the hell out for his triple.

Friends, the Angel Park Golf Club in Las Vegas feels your pain. Courtesy of Waggle Room, we bring you the story of Express Lane golf! Hallelujah!

As long as you can get around the Arnold Palmer-designed course in less than four hours, you can play its Mountain Course at top speed. You sign a release stating that you agree to haul club, understanding that you could be asked to skip a hole to pick up the pace if necessary, and then you take one of the earliest tee times and off you go.

The course's management, OB Sports Golf Management, reports some solid success with the program, and may begin instituting it at other courses.

Sounds like a decent arrangement. Works much better than our idea of air horns and cattle prods, though with a bit less satisfaction.

No speed limit at Las Vegas' Angel Park Golf Club [Waggle Room]

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