Sophie Gustafson not pleased with Cristie Kerr, airs her grievance on Twitter

We want to think of golfers as one big happy and reasonably well-paid family, all in this competition-and-country-clubs thing together. Turns out, sometimes they're not buddies at all! Who knew?

Your scene: the US Women's Open, where Sophie Gustafson tried to get a whole host of her fellow players to sign a flag for charity. And everyone happily obliged ... except one.

Oooh! Gossip! Intrigue! Who could it be? Michelle Obama? Katniss Everdeen? Doris Kearns Goodwin? That "Call Me Maybe" girl?

Aw, come on, Sophie, give us a spoiler warning! Also ... catfight!

Anyway, you can decide for yourself whether it was worth taking this fight to Twitter. For the moment, Kerr is winning the battle where it counts: she's at +1, tied for seventh, while Gustafson holds down dead last inside the cut line at +17.

[Visor tip: Wei Under Par]