Someone didn’t obey the ‘cart path only’ signs

Driving a golf cart is a very important part of golf in the United States. Almost any golf course you visit will have carts for rent, and it's an easy way to get you around 18 holes as casually as you'd like.

The problem is, the wrong mix of clientele and alcohol can doom some of these buggies.

Check the above picture, posted to the golf Reddit thread this week. According to the poster, this was a golf tournament in Miami that served free alcohol for most of the day, and yes, that is a completely submerged golf cart in the lake.

Here are the details, courtesy of Redditor donki ...

It was at a charity golf tournament in Miami. I don't want to name the course/event. It was unlimited beer/martinis on the course. All I know is that I heard a cart was in the water on 16 and as soon as we pulled up to the green I saw it. There was no bank for the cart to roll down, it was a shear coral rock canal. Amazed that it stayed upright like it did. No bags were on it so I guess they took them off and shoved it in, fueled by liquor. No clue how they got it out it was also a gas powered cart.

I think we can all agree that if you are the type of person that shoves golf carts in lakes when you're drunk, you probably don't need to drink anymore, but there you have it, an entire golf cart underwater.

Where is Woody Austin when you need him?!