Snake mistakes golf balls for eggs, eats them anyway

Devil Ball Golf

Sick and tired of all the Tiger Woods coverage? Careful what you wish for!

Big news out of Kyogle, Australia, as a snake devoured what it thought were chicken eggs. Turns out that they weren't eggs at all, but golf balls.

Yep, the coastal carpet snake, nicknamed "Callaway" (get it?) by the staff at a local veterinary hospital, went and got himself a gutful of golf balls. And since they don't break down, or pass, as easily as eggs, well, ol' Callaway was in a bit of a pickle.

"Their vision is not that great," said veterinarian Andrew Hill. "If the egg is sitting under a chicken it's most likely to be an egg. These guys don't know too much about the sport of golf." What? They don't even have an opinion on Tiger's return? How is that even possible?

Anyway, Callaway will get opened up and the balls will be extracted -- this counts as an unplayable lie -- and he'll be set loose in the wild, confused and hungry.

So what is it with Australia and golf? You've got sharks on golf courses, John Daly going crazy at every turn, and now snakes eating golf balls. And if that doesn't keep you stateside, there's this:

"Most people have pythons in their roof," said Hill. "They're fantastic snakes because they keep the vermin population down."

Pythons above your head? Sleep well, Aussies!

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