Size up the world’s toughest courses and greatest golf fails

Devil Ball Golf

Golf Channel and BuzzFeed are doing a little back-and-forth promotion for David Feherty's new show, and as part of that, they're bringing you some of the world's toughest golf courses. Above, you can see the Legends Golf Course in Limpopo, South Africa, which features a "19th hole" where players tee off the side of a mountain. Also included: a golf course in a demilitarized zone, a track running through the Himalayas, and course that runs hundreds of miles across Australia. Check out the whole deal right here.

There's also a section on most embarrassing golf fails, which features potentially-fake-but-so-what gems like this:

It's a fine way to kill a few minutes at work. Which is what the Internet was made for anyway, right? (Not work. Killing time. Enjoy.)

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