Showdown, Week 1: Woodland, Watney & Toms

So in an attempt to inject a bit more life and interest into tournaments, and because we're all inveterate gamblers who are one bad card from being out on the streets, Jay Busbee, Jonathan Wall and I are playing a golf version of a football suicide pool: We each pick one golfer per tournament and see how they do against each other, straight up. Victory over the other guy gets one point, victory in the tournament gets three points. (Double for the majors.) And when we burn a golfer, he's done for the year. Busbee won the inaugural run at this, so we decided to add a third member to the team. We kick it off at the Hyundai!

Wall: Picking a guy from a field full of winners is like walking into a Ferrari dealership and being told you need to pick one of the cars on the floor. Sure, it's a tough decision; but it's the kind you have to embrace. With that in mind, I like my chances with Gary Woodland. He's long off the tee and has a solid short game. That's the kind of combination you want at Kapalua.

Busbee: I'm not messing around here. Right out of the gate, I'm taking Nick Watney. He's next in line to break big, and maybe I should save him for a major or something like that, but heck with that strategy. I want a win now, and Watney is the best bet coming into the 2012 season ... of the guys who are playing at Kapalua, that is.

Bacon: I really wanted to go with one long-hitting lefty, but I used him here last year and it burned me. So I'm going to start out slow and steady, with David Toms, and hope he can continue his success at this event over the years. Plus, he's David Toms!