Sergio Garcia tries to get started where he got started before

Two years ago, this seemed like the start of something big for Sergio Garcia. He defeated Paul Goydos in a playoff to win the 2008 Players Championship, and it appeared he was finally about to capitalize on all the promise everyone had seen in him since his astonishing debut in 1999.

Alas, it was not to be. Garcia came so close throughout the rest of 2008, recording second-place finishes in three of the last five tournaments of the season. In 2009, all he could manage were three top-10s, highlighted by a T-10 at the U.S. Open. This year, his best finish is fourth at the Accenture; outside of that, he hasn't topped 37th.

He remains the proverbial Best Player Never To Win A Major, an anchor around his neck that you'd think he'd be able to shrug off in the next few years. But with Sergio, nothing's ever easy. Whether he's spitting in a hole, whining about Augusta playing conditions or letting his romantic drama dictate his game, he's always got a story -- some would say excuse -- for why he hasn't become the dominant non-Tiger of his generation.

Looking back at the posts we've written here on Garcia, there's an overriding theme: He's had his troubles, but good times could be right around the corner. Over and over and over, we've written that. Sergio, the time's coming when we're thinking that maybe there is no corner. Maybe these are the good times. Prove us wrong. And familiar ground is a good place to start.

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