Sergio Garcia misses cut in Spain, again sounds like he hates golf

Just a few days ago, we posted a story about Sergio Garcia and his current attitude about golf. The 30-year-old Spaniard had taken two months off of competitive golf to try and love it again, and was back at his hometown golf tournament ready to jump back on the pro golf pony.

Garcia even mentioned hoping to be number one in the world someday, a far cry from his tales of falling out of love with golf that forced him to take the hiatus.

But it didn't come so easy for Sergio. He missed the cut after rounds of 71-73, and was once again complaining about the passion he feels for the sport.

"It's tough for me especially missing the cut here. The way I putted I feel as though I am back to where I was when I left the game in the summer. It's very frustrating."

The bad putting he is referring to came mostly in the second round, when Garcia had five very short putts that he couldn't cash in, and he wasn't around on the weekend for his first tournament back since his missed cut at the PGA Championship.

Sure, not making the cut in an event your hosting has to be embarrassing and demoralizing, but it isn't the end of the world. He took a lot of time off from the game, and will have to get his sea legs back before he can fully compete on a top level.

That said, if you don't at least toy with the idea that Garcia could be using a long-putter by this time next year, you're crazy.