Sergio Garcia blamed Tiger Woods for a bad shot he hit during the third round of the Players

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Sergio Garcia has been a tough cookie to figure out over the years. We've seen the Good Sergio, leaping at Medinah, dominating at the Ryder Cup, playing well for 54 holes at majors, and the Bad Sergio, spitting in cups, blaming someone raking a bunker for his bogey on the 72nd hole at Carnoustie, and the thing about the 33-year-old Spaniard is you really never know which one you'll get.

On Saturday at the Players Championship, Garcia was paired with Tiger Woods for the 20th time in his career and it doesn't take a mathematician to realize that Tiger has had Sergio's card for most of his career.

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But is Tiger ever really responsible for a bad shot that Garcia hits? According to Sergio, yes. In an interview conducted during a weather delay on Saturday, Sergio went right at the No. 1 golfer in the world when asked about a bad second shot he hit on the second hole, a par-5, that resulted in a bogey.

"I wouldn't say he didn't see that I was ready, but you do have a feel when the other guy (Tiger) is going to hit. Right as I was on top of the backswing, he pulled a 5-wood or 3-wood out of the rough and, obviously, everybody started screaming, so that didn't help very much."

This isn't the first time that someone has brought up how hard it is to play in the same group as Tiger, but from my memory it's the first time that someone actually went at Woods about it.

Garcia, God love him, is a man that has spent a lot of his career looking around for something to blame. He has had a hard time accepting the faults as his, and this looks like another chapter in a long list of things that "aren't Sergio's fault."

The thing is, there could be some legitimacy to Sergio's call here. NBC did a great job of showing a replay of what happened in real time, and sure enough, Garcia was about to hit when Woods pulled out his fairway wood in an attempt to go for the green from the left trees.

Right when Garcia made his full swing on the par-5 he looked left in an exhausted fashion, pinpointing the area that Tiger stood as the fans clapped at Woods' decision to go for the green in two.

Tiger fans will jump on Sergio, Tiger haters will get Garcia's back, but for now that final round at TPC Sawgrass just got a whole lot juicier.

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