Senior Open Update: Tougher greens today

Yesterday, conditions were overcast and humid for the U.S. Senior Open at Sahalee; the perfect environment for balls to hit the green and stick from the approach. Putting speed was more reasonable also - there wasn't that "Hey, I'm putting on a hardwood floor" feel so common to this course.

But this morning, overcast as it may be, has also seen a light wind that seems to have blown the course drier. Through the first few holes, I watched the early players putt and talked to the volunteers at the greens. The consensus is that things on the greens are back to a near-Friday pace, and I can attest to that.

According to the USGA, the green speed registered 12' 7" on the Stimptmeter on Saturday, and 12' 8" today. Three greens were second-cut, and three more were rolled this morning. All I can tell you, dear readers, is that the greens are noticeably quicker today, especially on the approaches - shots that stuck yesterday are rolling. You may see some interesting scores through the first few rounds as the players adjust.

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