Senior Open Report: Funk and Jacobsen go for similar games

Fred Funk and Peter Jacobsen are not similar in appearance — Jacobsen has about a foot on Funk, and he's a bit wider around the middle. Both men are gregarious — Jacobsen is funny to a fault — and Thursday, they decided to see how similar their shots could be.

On the second tee, a par-5 508-yarder, both men drove to the left rough, within 5 feet of each other and with approximately 245 yards to the green. They then both hit out to the fairway, side-to-side, and about 10 feet from the huge water hazard that creeps in from the right and removed that half of the fairway. Of course it was a front pin placement (yikes), which left a middle-green best option, which both men accomplished. Their third, Senior Amateur champion Vinny Giles, overshot the green. Funk got the one-putt, and Jacobsen just missed.

The third hole, a par-4 at 415 yards, saw both men drive the ball far left into the deeper rough, but with an easy clearing through to the green. Both men hit out to about 3 feet off the bottom fringe of the green, and both men got the putt near where it needed to go, though Jacobsen put a little more mustard on his after Funk misjudged the uphill angle.

Now, through five holes, Jacobsen is even and Funk is 2-over with three bogeys so far. He was hitting dead straight on the range, so we'll see if he can turn that around.