Scottish man makes two hole-in-ones over nine-hole stretch

You ready for the craziest thing you'll hear all week? A Scottish man made two holes-in-one in just nine holes, and then walked off the golf course because he had a meeting he had to attend.

Two aces over nine holes! Come on, Adam Smith, save some for the rest of us.

The story comes from The Scotsman, and tells us Smith knocked in the first ace on the 163-yard 18th hole (during the winter, the Stonehaven Golf Club, just south of Aberdeen, Scotland, starts play on the 18th hole) only to hole out on the 132-yard seventh hole a while later.

Also, just listen to the 47-year-old, 7-handicapper talking about his two aces. He's so calm it is almost frightening.

"When I hit the first shot of the day, a four iron at the 18th, I didn't think the ball was in the hole as I could still see it. It must have been resting against the pin before it fell in, as half-way down the fairway I couldn't see it any more.

"I took my putter on to the green just in case, but it was in the hole and I was delighted to have made my second ace in 15 years. My first was at the same 18th hole."

Delighted??! I'd be ecstatic! Pumped! Freaked out! Buying pints of Tennets for everyone around!

And his second ace?

"I assumed the ball short of the green was mine, so my playing partner Keith Taylor walked up to the hole and punched his fist in the air. When Keith said it was my ball in the hole I just couldn't believe it."

So, yes, it is completely OK for you, enormous golf fan, to be a little jealous of Mr. Smith. The odds of such a thing? Sixty-seven million to one.

h/t PGT

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