Scott McCarron claims he never called Mickelson a cheater

It's always interesting what one risqué quote will do for someone's career.

Stephen Ames once remarked that, "anything can happen when (Tiger Woods') is hitting the ball," only to have Woods wipe the floor with Ames 9 and 8 in a match play event the next day, defining Ames' career to this point.

Scott McCarron, up until last week, was a guy that had won three PGA Tour events and hung around the tour, not making much of a fuss about anything. That was until Groovegate hit us, and Phil Mickelson was pasted on telephone poles as the most wanted man in history, even though what he was doing wasn't technically wrong.

McCarron said some pretty hurtful things towards Lefty, but told Jason Sobel on Monday that he never (never you hear me!) called Phil a cheater.

It's really quite remarkable how intense McCarron is about all this, since, as Josh over at With Leather so attentively pointed out, Scott never won on tour until he switched to the long putter, something that most laureates of the golf world called cheating back in the '90s.

The bottom line behind all of this is the PGA Tour needs to just outlaw the Ping Eye-2 wedges so everyone can stop freaking out and go back to regular golf talk. Like Tiger cheating on his wife. What happened to the good 'ol fashioned cooler chatter?

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