Sawgrass justice: Tiger heckler gets the Taser treatment

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So here are two words you don't often hear together: Taser and golf. But since this is a Tiger Woods-related story, you aren't really surprised, are you? Yeah, didn't think so.

Okay, so here's the story. Apparently a golf fan behind the 11th green at the Friday round of The Players, having imbibed a bit too much, decided to make with the Tiger heckling. So far, so normal, right? No word on what he said, but five bucks says he tried the already-hack "Get in the hole? That's what she said!" routine.

Fine, make your joke, let Tiger go on his merry just-under-par way. But since nobody -- not media, not haters, not Tiger disciples, nobody -- seems to be able to leave Tiger alone, it didn't end there. No, Travis Parmelee of Jacksonville, Fla. kept going on and on and on. Local cops tries to calm him down, but Parmelee was having none of that, and got rowdier and rowdier. (Was this a golf tournament or a Phillies game?) So the police did what I would love to be able to do on a daily basis used their best judgment and Tasered the mouthy fellow. They hit him once, bro, and that was that.

Tiger didn't have any comments about the heckler -- or, at least, nobody asked him -- but it's pretty safe to say that TW wouldn't give a public comment. Privately, well ... I know if I were in Tiger's shoes, I'd be smiling at this story.

(By the way, this is the second Taser-related sports story in less than a week, after the incident in Philadelphia in which a fan ran onto the field. Is this something we need to be worried about? Security guards can be enough of a pain without them getting Taser-happy. Do we need a Taser summit?)

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