Rust? Lee Westwood laughs at rust

Nobody knew what to expect of Lee Westwood as he headed into the Ryder Cup. He hadn't played golf since early August. He was coming off an injury that kept him out of the year's final major after he'd finished in the top four in two others. It was arguably the best he had played all season until the Bridgestone Invitational.

But injuries can do strange things to a golf swing. A lot of people have struggled to come back to form after time away. So here we had Westwood, the leader of a European team, even though his game was in question. But he showed up fitter than ever, noting that he'd spent a lot of time working on his upper body during the time away. Still, being strong doesn't exactly equate to good golf.

But we should have known. Westwood is too good right now not to fall back into form. After winning a match and halving another, Lee was matched up with Luke Donald to take on the previously undefeated duo of Tiger Woods and Steve Stricker. While Tiger wasn't exactly playing like 2000, they still were 2-0-0 this week and looked to keep the streak alive.

But that was where Westwood stepped in. He and Donald killed Woods and Stricker, sending the Americans packing very, very early.

Westwood, who looks more and more Nick Faldo-ish when he goes without his normal cap, made an early statement on Sunday that helped push the Europeans to an absolute dominating performance against the Americans.

Now, Westwood will get a chance to secure one of the five points needed for the Europeans to steal the Ryder Cup away from an American team that was in an incredible position not 12 hours ago.

While a lot of these European stars like Westwood, Colin Montgomerie and Sergio Garcia have seemed to struggle in closing out major championships in the past, it is no doubt that when team competition kicks off, they're as good as it gets in the world.

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