Rush Limbaugh will try out something new: listening

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It's crazy to think a little project by The Golf Channel that started with one of the most likable humans on the planet, Charles Barkley, is now in its third season. Yes, The Haney Project, a program that puts one of the top teachers in the world, Hank Haney, with a rather famous, but troubled, golfer, begins again on Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET and will invite radio maestro Rush Limbaugh to be part of the program.

It brings up a good question; is someone so polarizing, like Limbaugh, a good move by The Golf Channel or just an attempt at hitting a large part of their demographic? The answer is probably both. Limbaugh, for all his zany and right-wing thoughts, does seem to have fun with the game, and in the clips above, is rather intrigued by the idea of golf (and practice).

He also, in the simplest form, defines a lot of what the everyday golfer turns out to be; slightly overweight, a little bit of a blowhard, and a guy that could shave a stroke or two off his game.

No matter your thoughts on him as a person, you know the exchanges between Limbaugh and Haney will be more entertaining, and intense, than that of Ray Romano in the second season.

So, your thoughts -- would you rather see someone like Limbaugh relegated to listener, or could you think of someone better suited for this position?

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