Rory Sabbatini's wife stands by - and lies by - her man

If there is a golfer on the PGA Tour that seems to rub people the wrong way, it is Rory Sabbatini. A guy that seems to be fine off the golf course, the five-time winner on tour has ruffled feathers on the golf course.

Examples include 2005, when Sabbatini left playing partner Ben Crane to finish the 17th hole alone because Crane had been playing so slow all day (to take up for Sabbatini for a moment, Crane is slower than John McCain in a 40-yard dash). He also called Tiger Woods "more beatable than ever" and pulled out of his Target World Challenge event, something nobody has ever done before.

Things like this are some of the reasons Sabbatini is seen as the bad boy on tour, and that type of thought doesn't just come out when he's on the golf course. It translates to social media, namely the TaylorMade Facebook account.

Earler this week, the kind folks at TaylorMade sent out a good luck message to Sabbatini, something that garnished a number of "likes" and comments. One of the "fans" didn't really appreciate what the company was saying to Rory, and offered up this.

Who took to Rory's side in the online battle? None other than his wife, Amy, who responded with this rather hilarious rebuttal.

Hey, I'm all down for my girl fighting my battles for me, especially when there is a chance she can add a sexual innuendo for kicks. While there seems to be more foes than friends when it comes to Sabbatini, I guess he can take solace in knowing he has one fan, and that's the lady on the other side of the bed.

Also, if there is a better example of how incredibly personal social media can be, you'll have to send it to me.

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