Rory McIlroy visits the White House, offers to help President Obama with his swing

Being the No. 1 player in the world certainly has its perks -- like getting an invite to the White House for a state dinner honoring British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Rory McIlroy, who was a guest at the dinner on Wednesday night, had a chance to not only meet Prime Minister Cameron, but a number of high-profile folks ... including President Obama.

As you can probably imagine, McIlroy and the president certainly didn't have any trouble striking up a conversation on the topic of golf. As most know, Barack Obama is a huge golf nut, so getting the chance to meet one of the top players in the sport afforded him the perfect opportunity to ask about, what else, his golf swing.

If you've ever seen the president swing the club before, well, you know he could use a couple of lessons. As McIlroy tweeted following the dinner, it looks like he's willing to oblige the next time the two link up (I'm going to assume the next venue will be the golf course).

If I were McIlroy, I'd probably offer to give him lessons for a chance to fly on Air Force One. Heck, maybe he can give the 22-year-old a lift to his next tournament! It seems like a fair trade-off, right?

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