Rory McIlroy unleashes a 377-yard bomb at the Wells Fargo Championship

Rory McIlroy isn't one of the longest golfers on the PGA Tour (he ranks 36th in driving distance this season), but on Saturday's at the Wells Fargo Championship, he smashed one of the longest drives of the season on the par-4 16th.

How long, you ask? CBS on-course analyst Gary McCord noted it was 311 yards to carry the bunker on the right side of the fairway. McIlroy not only carried the bunker, but then watched as the ball bounded another 66 yards -- into the gallery crosswalk at the 377-yard mark.

"Is about 80 or 90 yards out from there," McCord said. "That's outrageous, and it looked like he aimed to do that."

Whether he expected the ball to go that far or not, the fact that it ended up within 23 yards of the 400-mark is astounding, since the hole doesn't play downhill or straight downwind. That's what you call insane distance, friends.

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