Rory McIlroy pokes fun at himself for nearly missing Ryder Cup tee time

MEDINAH, Ill. — To say Rory McIlroy had an interesting Sunday at the Ryder Cup would likely be the understatement of the century. Scheduled to go off third at 11:25 a.m. CST in a must-see match against Keegan Bradley, McIlroy apparently got his time zones mixed up and had to hightail it to the course in an unmarked police car just to make his tee time.

It was a bizarre start to the day for the No. 1-ranked player in the world -- the kind that could've possibly led to an early blowout loss on the final day of the biennial competition. But even with the time zone mishap, McIlroy was able to keep it together and pull out a critical point with a 2 and 1 win over the red-hot Bradley.

After showing up late for his final-round tee time at the PGA Championship and again on Sunday at the Ryder Cup, you'd think McIlroy would invest in a personal assistant to keep him apprised of big events ... like the last day of the Ryder Cup.

While the whole assistant thing will have to wait, McIlroy has no excuse for missing his tee time after someone gifted him with a giant Flavor Flav clock that goes around his neck. So long as he keeps the darn thing in the right time zone, he shouldn't have any trouble making tee times in the future.

McIlroy is constantly put under a microscope and analyzed for every decision he makes on and off the course, but give the kid some credit for being able to poke fun at himself. Nearly missing your tee time at the Ryder Cup is no laughing matter; however, it's easy to joke about it afterwards when you're on the winning side.