Rory McIlroy’s making waves with the ladies, both good and ill

Say this for Rory McIlroy: the kid knows how to keep himself in the headlines, one way or another.

McIlroy and tennis star Caroline Wozniacki have been an item for a few months now, long enough to craft their own nauseatingly cute couple-nickname: "Wozzilroy." And they've been connecting on a professional level, too, with each one spurring the other on to competitive heights.

"When Caroline and I might discuss our own sport, I am very interested in how she prepares herself for the mental side of big tennis tournaments like how she goes about setting goals or whatever," McIlroy told the Irish Times. "That sort of discussion gives me a good insight into how she deals with similar issues I might face."

But even though they've given each other's sport a whirl, with Wozniacki faring better at golf than McIlroy at tennis, that isn't the only thing that connects them. "Improving my tennis game is not the reason we spend time together," he said. "I will let her focus on the tennis and I will stick with golf."

At the other end of the spectrum, you've got McIlroy's ex, Holly Sweeney. For awhile, she and Rory were quite the couple, but just weeks after he credited her with inspiring his landmark U.S. Open win, she was out the door in favor of Wozniacki. So you can forgive her for being a touch bitter, can't you?

Exactly how bitter is the question, and here's your answer: She threw a "golf pros, tennis hoes" party in Ireland as part of a TV series called "Celebrity Come Dine With Me." (Visor tip: Dogs via Larry Brown Sports.) McIlroy apparently tried to get her not to go through with it, but it'll be airing in December. And oh, we'll bring you video as soon as we get it.

Keep on rollin', Rory. You're making golf as much fun outside the ropes as in.

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