Baby photo shows Rory McIlroy has been doing this golf thing for awhile

Rory McIlroy has offered up a pretty funny photo on Twitter: a shot of him as a lad on the beach, working the plastic putter.

"Putting stroke still looks the same!" he wrote. "Everyone noticing how I was ahead of the curve with the belly putter!"

Sure, this picture may be from, like, 2007 or so, but it's still fun to see young McIlroy even younger. I'd recommend against that kind of outfit on the links, however; Augusta and other clubs may not look favorably on that, ahem, attire. Also, young Rory, a tip: Most of us don't use a putter in the sand.

Also, note to parents out there: Make sure you get photos of your kids doing EVERYTHING. They'll come in handy decades from now if your children actually make something of themselves.

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