Rory McIlroy and Bill Clinton played a round of golf together in Ireland

No matter what the PGA Tour tells us, this is normally as much of an offseason as we are going to get in the golf world. Tiger Woods hibernates from the world except for paid appearances at certain events, Phil Mickelson is Mr. Family Man more than he usually is, and Rory McIlroy is busy playing golf with presidents.

Yes, that is the No. 6 player in the world above standing with the 42nd president of these United States in Ireland after they played some golf together on Thursday.

Clinton tweeted the picture and this message below out, while Rory simply retweeted with Mr. Clinton said with the simple message, "Thanks for the lesson, Mr. President!"

Rory, now 24-years-old, had a pretty rough 2013, going through the simple pains of being one of the most famous golfers in the world. If it wasn't his equipment we were questioning it was his relationship or his effort on the course or if he simply wanted to be out there at all.

The smile above is something we didn't see much from McIlroy in '13, but hopefully this next calendar year brings out the best in Rory and if nothing else, I'm sure Clinton was in Rory's ear about attending the Humana Challenge this season (as Shackelford points out, that is unlikely as it goes up against the event in Adu Dhabi but a west coast golf writer can dream).

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