Rory McIlroy admits he overslept before the final round of the PGA Championship

If you go back and look at the tape of Rory McIlroy's final round at the PGA Championship, one thing that seems to stand out was how calm the 23-year-old looked going down the stretch as he turned a three-shot lead into the biggest rout in tournament history.

Want to know why McIlroy looked calm, cool and collected under pressure? On Wednesday during an interview with Golf Channel's Morning Drive, he shared his secret with the golf world, admitting that he overslept before the final round and only showed up to the course 30 minutes before his tee time.

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"Some thing that people don't know is that I went back home," McIlroy said. "Everyone was talking about how I showed back up about half an hour before my tee time on the last day. I actually took a nap and my dad had to come wake me up because I overslept. He said to me, 'Rory, you realize you have to play some golf this afternoon.' I was like ... I didn't know where I was."

So there you have it, folks. The reason McIlroy looked so good was probably because he didn't have enough time to think about what he was doing. Honestly, you can't blame him for trying to get in a quick nap before the round. After waking up that morning to finish the third round at 7:45 a.m., he likely needed a couple extra hours of rest.

However, the fact that he managed to get them in before the final round of a major he was leading is pretty impressive. When he stepped on the first tee, the kid was likely still wiping the crust out of his eyes. Maybe McIlroy needs to sleep right up until his tee time more often.

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